GDPR statement

As of September 2019 this site does not use analytics cookies.

The data collected is done under a “legitimate interest” of the site owner see

The two legitimate interests identified are:
site security
a general understanding of the use of the site

Under site security: all available data may be used to determine the source of security breaches or possible attacks.

Under a general understanding of the site the following processing of data is foreseeable.
use of IP addresses (the most obvious personal information collected by server logs as standard) to classify visitors by country with the aim of identifying which countries are driving traffic to the site.
Aggregate totals for e.g. most visited pages, most common user agents (aka browsers), most common referring search engines (such figures unless linked to an IP address cannot be considered personally identifying)

For details of the cookies see below (cookies are used for site security, essential purposes such as authentication of logins, and, if translated content is provided, translation).

Details of cookies set by this site in your browser (if any) are in table below.

More information on cookies including how to block them - please see this guide from the UK Information Commissioner's Office.

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